New Report On The Talent Meeting Following Saudi Travel Issues


A meeting that preceded Monday Night Raw this week discussing the issues that caused travel delays in Saudi Arabia has been a hot topic this week in wrestling.

Many rumors have come out, both about the travel issues and the meeting itself, with Seth Rollins even having to go on the record and tell Fightful that he never spoke up during the meeting and gave any kind of speech as was being reported.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter did apologize to Seth Rollins and retract his original reports of a “rah-rah” speech given by “The Architect.”

Now, there is a new report from this week’s Observer that has a little more insight on what occurred during that meeting including a funny quip by Vince McMahon himself:

“The story continued at Raw on 11/4. Vince McMahon called a meeting at 3 p.m. with the Raw locker room. Vince McMahon basically said the same story that the company has been saying. He said that there was no issue with Saudi Arabia and that the feed to the Saudi Arabian television network was cut at the request of Saudi Arabia, not himself. He opened up for questions and nobody asked any questions. Nobody said anything about the story given. It was noted that there was a feeling that saying anything negative wouldn’t do anyone any good and nobody spoke up.

“There was a feeling that saying anything won’t do anyone any good and that was the correct call. Randy Orton said something but he was just trying to break tension by being funny and Vince said, ‘Anybody else want to just kiss my ass?'”


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