New WWE Movie Banks $10K At The Box Office, Punk/RAW


— There has been some debate over whether or not CM Punk bladed during his steel cage match with Jerry Lawler on RAW. While several sources said he did blade, Punk himself has responded with sarcasm about paying large fines and then tweeted a photo showing staples in the top of his head. @AndrewTheMark tweeted a photo of the match it looks like Punk has his hand in the position to blade, but you can’t actually make anything out.

— According to, WWE Studios’ The Day, Doug Aarniokoski’s visceral action thriller, drew an estimated $10,100 at the box office in its debut weekend (not including Monday for Labor Day). The movie was shown in 12 theaters and averaged $842 per theater. It also finished in 52nd place out of 54 movies tracked. It opened on Wednesday and so far has a $12,800 total gross. No word on its budget. Ouch!

— In an a correction from our earlier report, while Booker T is planning the second autobiography, it is not actively in the works at this time. We sincerly apologize for the earlier error.

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