New WWE Signee Nixon Newell Speaks On Who She Wants To Work With, What She Wants To Accomplish – More


One of WWE’s newest signees, Nixon Newell (who is expected to compete in the Mae Young Classic) spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine regarding what she is expecting from her upcoming WWE career, who she wants to wrestle & more.

Here are the highlights:

What She’d Like To Accomplish In WWE:

“I want to hold every single women’s belt that’s in WWE. I want to go there and be the NXT Women’s champion, I want to be the longest reigning NXT Women’s champion, I want to be Raw and Smackdown Women’s champion. But mainly, I just want to have fun, travel the world, doing what I love. That’s always been a goal for me and to be in WWE has always been a dream. I just want to create a Nixon Newell legacy.”

How She Found Out About WWE’s Interest In Her:

“It was a random email off William Regal, which I thought was fake. It told me to keep some dates free as I would probably have a tryout. Then, the next day there was an official invitation tryout and when I looked at it I could just imagine it was made on Microsoft Word or something like that. It was a little ticket attached to an email stating I was officially invited to a WWE tryout, I couldn’t believe it. I still thought it was suspicious, so I checked my email with Pete [Dunne] and it was exactly the same.”

Who’d She Like To Work With:

“Ruby Riot or as she was known Heidi Lovelace. I love Heidi and we click in the ring. For me in WWE there’s two women who, one I looked up to my entire career, that’s Mickie James and I’d love to wrestle her, the other is Asuka. She is such a bad ass and so good, I think we’d be able to have a match where it’s British strong style against Japanese wrestling style which would mesh really well.”

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