New York Post Writes Story About Lana’s Nip Slip, Sheamus Talks About Early Character Struggles


A few days ago, Lana posted a number of pictures and videos from Bulgaria, where she did farm chores in her bikini. One of the now deleted Twitter posts had an accidental nip slip. The New York Post wrote a story about it; you can check out the story at this link.

Sheamus recently talked with Sky Sports, where he joked about the early character struggles he and Cesaro faced…

“Let’s talk about Cesaro’s rugby career. He had a ‘top rugby career’ when he came to WWE, he even used to do the whole tape around the legs. He was a fake rugby player, know why? Because William Regal (ex-WWE wrestler now working on development) thought ‘er, rugby players are tough’. Then he yodelled for a while, remember that? In fairness, I had balls in my beard, silver balls.”

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