News And Preview For WWE’s Upcoming Paul Heyman DVD, WWE Slam City News And More


— WWE has launched a new Slam City game for
children. You can check that out at

The preview for the game reads as follows:

“John Cena is late for work in WWE
Slam City! He straps on a jet pack and needs your help to avoid The Finisher and
get to the auto shop across town before his boss notices! Can you get Cena to
work? Play WWE Slam City Launch today!”

— Here is a new synopsis for
WWE’s upcoming
Paul Heyman DVD and Blu-ray that comes out next month:

“Paul Heyman was
extreme long before being extreme was cool. Find out how an attorney’s son from
Scarsdale, New York, became one of the most revolutionary forces in
sports-entertainment history. Heyman shoots from the hip, detailing his
contributions as a producer, promoter, manager, writer, general manager,
advocate and, in his words, “all-around creative genius.” Things are about to
get extreme, and as usual, Paul Heyman’s fingerprints are all over

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