News & Notes From WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal


WWE and 2K15 teamed up to present the WWE 2K15 roster reveal today in LA. Renee Young and Steve Austin were the host for the event. The following Superstars who made up the panel: Sting, Hulk Hogan, Cesaro, Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena.

* John Cena was asked if he can somehow get past Brock Lesnar on Sunday, who would be his next opponent and Cena answered by saying Cesaro

* Sting made it clear that he had one more match left in him and if it was up to him than WWE fans will see him in the ring.

* Austin asked Reigns if he compares him to bigger Superstars in WWE. Reigns said he has some size, but likes to think of himself as a hybrid rather than a big man.

* Austin asked Sting when he would be getting inside a WWE ring? Sting did not directly answer the question, but did say that that everything he has done in his career has lead up to this point. Also, he would love to find out what it’s like being in a WWE ring.

* John Cena was asked who his role model is and he said Hogan.

Here is the updated list of WWE Superstars that have been confirmed for the game:

* Steve Austin 

* Sheamus

* Cameron 

* John Cena

* Hulk Hogan 

* Sting Retro 

* Bray Wyatt 

* Roman Reigns

* Chris Jericho 

* Dolph Ziggler 

* Fandango

* Damien Sandow 

* Brock Lesnar 

* CM Punk

* Triple H 

* Cesaro 

* Shawn Michaels 

* Rey Mysterio

* Nikki Bella

* Brie Bella

* Titus O’Neil

* The Rock

* Hollywood Hogan

* Goldust

* Dean Ambrose 

* Batista 

* Jey Uso

* Jimmy Uso

* AJ Lee

* Big E

* Jack Swagger

* Tyson Kidd

* Darren Young

* The Miz

* Tamina Snuka

* Rob Van Dam

* Erick Rowan

* Luke Harper

* The Undertaker

* Sting 

* Seth Rollins

* Kofi Kingston

* R-Truth

* Justin Gabriel

* Randy Orton

* Naomi

* Daniel Bryan 

* Xavier Woods

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