News On Brock Lesnar’s Return On Monday’s RAW Broadcast + Bray Wyatt’s Injury At MSG


— Another source has
confirmed that Brock Lesnar is expected to return at Monday’s RAW from Miami,
FL. As previously reported, this is the same city/arena that Lesnar turned and
took out John Cena. Monday’s show is the “official” kick-off to WWE SummerSlam
and is expected to begin the feud between Cena and Lesnar. Of course, they could
also do a Reigns/Lesnar feud as Cena isn’t expected to be at RAW. Rapper Flo
Rida will also be appearing live.

98.7 The Fan
in Tampa, Florida

recently interviewed WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, who discussed receiving a stiff
shot from Ric Flair during the recent WWE house show in Madison Square Garden.
Below is an excerpt from the interview where Wyatt discusses getting busted open
by Flair. The full audio is available at the above link.

“I look at it as an honor. Madison Square
Garden. Ric Flair. John Cena. At the end of a long, long, long war, a little
[bruise] is not so bad. I’m used to having stitches and things all over my body,
so I didn’t even know I was bleeding. I thought I was

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