​News On Daniel Bryan’s Injury & Future + Birthdays


— As noted earlier here on the website, Daniel
Bryan’s injury was responsible for Roman Reigns’ push being accelerated. The
site reports that the initial plans for Reigns’ elevation was intended to be a
much slower one, but with Bryan out and Cena as champion there was a need to
elevate someone quicker.

That being said, the plans are still the same, just
on a faster timeline. It was always planned to have a Reigns vs. Randy Orton
match that would lead to a match with Triple H.

As for Bryan, if a second surgery is needed it will
be for his shoulder. He has been written out of WWE’s plans for the foreseeable
future to give him time to recover.

Heath Slater turns 31 years old

— Former WWE performer Cherry turns 39
years old today.

Jesse Ventura turns 63 years old

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