News On Filming Process For Stadium Stampede Match At AEW Double Or Nothing


The Inner Circle beat The Pinnacle in Stadium Stampede at  the AEW Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event on Sunday night 

Fightful Select reports most of the filming took place on Thursday with additional footage being recorded on Friday. People in AEW were happy with how it came across and how the live element was integrated.

Chris Jericho also had this to say during his post-show media scrum about the match: 

“I think because it was such a success — I think it’s like any big movie that makes money that’s a success and then you figure out a way to do it again,” said Jericho. “‘How’re you going to do another one?’ is the same question that they asked us after the first Elimination Chamber. There’s been 30 of them. So, we were able to, like I said, change the tone. We brought in one of the stunt coordinators who works on the John Wick movies to help us with some of the fight scenes to make them a little bit more like an action movie.”

“We think like wrestlers, and he thinks like a cinematic fight scene guy, so putting it together was tremendous. Then the craziest part was actually propelling down that scoreboard. Which was pretty scary, but once we took that little leap off the edge, it was super exhilarating and you’d be hard-pressed to find any other 5 guys in wrestling to do that.” (quotes courtesy of

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