News On The 1,000th RAW Set, 1,000th RAW Pre-Show, More


— As noted earlier, DX will open the show at 8EST.

— The 1,000th RAW pre-show will begin at 7:30EST on

— Juan Perez sent in several photos of tonight’s 1,000th RAW set. There appears to be a crystal ball hanging above the ring and a new stage. This is likely for Brodus Clay. Everything else looks about the same.

— Joey Ryan posted the following on Monday‚Ķ This is our call to arms! The 87%ers are the wrestling fans that are tired of being told what they should like and who they should cheer for. The 87%ers are the fans that hope for change in the wrestling business. The 87%ers are fans that get blocked by people like Taz on Twitter for voicing a different opinion than his. We will no longer be ignored! Our voices will be heard! We are the 87%! This is our invasion! This Thursday, July 26th, 2012. If you are a part of the 87% and attending Impact, bring your “Joey Ryan” and “87%” signs. Wear your “Joey Ryan” t-shirts. They will try and stop you. They will try to take your signs away. If they try to do this to you, record them on your phones. Expose them. This is our resistance! United we will stand! All that the 87% want is for them to prove to us that “Fans Matter.” Your actions speak louder than your words!

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