News On The Attendance Numbers & PPV Buys For WWE SummerSlam


When WWE held their SummerSlam PPV last weekend, WWE announced an attendance of 48,449. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports the number was 40,117, with 37,000 paid. Obviously this conflicts with WWE’s announced number and initial reports.

The WON notes that SummerSlam was down from last year’s show in Las Vegas, but with higher ticket prices, it was up 40% in gross revenue. That was the number given by WWE, and includes live gate, merchandise, VIP experiences, the Undertaker show, tickets to tryouts and more. It had a lower attendance from last year but made more money.

The clip of Brock Lesnar lifting the ring with a tractor has 20 million worldwide views on all social media channels.

On standard PPV, which is not the main source of views for WWE anymore, the show had 18,600 buys, around 81 and 80% of what WrestleMania did for both nights (23,600 and 23,300, respectively). Of those who bought SummerSlam, only 7.07 also bought AEW Double or Nothing, while 92.93% didn’t.

SummerSlam had 550,000 Google searches, the same as UFC 277. The last time WWE and UFC went head to head, UFC 276 had 2.3 million searches while Money in the Bank had 200,000. Interest in SummerSlam was higher than last year, with 500,000 searches.

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