News On The New WWE 2K19 DLC Moves Pack & What’s Included In It


2K Games and WWE sent out the following press rekease, revealing the content for the WWE 2K19 New Moves DLC Pack. The pack will cost $3.99 and contains 50+ new moves, which you can see below:

Springboard Stunner 3

Exploder Suplex 10

Wonderful 4

Assisted Twist of Fate

Avalanche/Side Effect Combo

Running Senton/Leg Drop Combo

Claymore/Zig Zag Combo

Matt Hardy 6

Diving Moonsault 5

Shooting Star 4

Inverted Phoenix Splash

Double Rotation Moonsault

Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault

Springboard Shooting Star

Tombstone Piledriver 3

Hammerlock DDT 3

Rope Hung Lungblower

Middle Rope BME

Springboard Sling Blade

Spinning Handstand

Springboard Superkick

Springboard Spanish Fly

Spinning Brainbuster

Discus Clothesline 4

Suplex Piledriver 2

F-5 4

Elevated Flatliner

Fisherman Driver 3

Wheelbarrow Leg Drop

Best Kept Secret

Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter

Murphy’s Law

Slingshot X-Factor

Inverted Atomic Drop/Leg Drop Combo

Powerslam/Headbutt Combo

Electric Chair/Bulldog Combo

Time Bomb

Avalanche Powerbomb

Pop-Up Hurricanrana

Dragon Twist Cutter

Handspring Back Elbow/450 Splash

Deadlift Powerbomb 2

Half & Half Suplex 3

Inverted Olympic Slam

Rainbow Cutter

Deadlift Apron Suplex

Spiral Tap

Hip Toss Chokeslam

Springboard Feint

Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4

Pumphandle X-Factor


Torture Rack Back Stabber 2

Half Nelson Uranage

Knee Strike/Moonsault Combo

Strike Blitz/Mushroom Stomp Combo

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