News On Why Xavier Woods Was Replaced On Saturday’s WWE Talking Smack


Although WWE announced the return of Talking Smack with Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods as the hosts, Woods wasn’t featured on the first episode that aired this past Saturday. 

Instead, he was replaced by The Miz, who had an interesting exchange with Big E during the show. 

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio today that Woods was not told that he would be co-hosting with Braxton. 

Thus, he wasn’t there for the show when it aired. As a result, at the last minute, they asked The Miz to be the co-host.

This led to a segment with Big E, in which the two argued about getting opportunities in WWE and whether or not wrestlers like Kofi Kingston got their legs cut out from under them. Miz argued that he went through the same thing Kofi did after his loss to Brock, while Big E noted that Miz had been given plenty of opportunities and Kofi had to wait eleven years for his first WWE title match before going right back to the tag division.

Dave Meltzer noted that Big E had a point he wanted to make and had to say it in such a way as to not to get WWE angry with him. Some fans took to social media and expressed their belief that Big E was talking about white privilege. Meltzer also speculated this was the case, that Big E was trying to say it ‘in a tactful way’ and Miz ‘wasn’t getting it.’

Interestingly, Daniel Bryan saw someone’s take on it and agreed with it. After Sporting News’ Andreas Hale broke it down in a tweet, Bryan replied: “Great post.”

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