News On WWE’s New Strategy For Pay-Per-View Events – Purposeful & Strategic Location Planning


Fightful Select is reporting that WWE’s recent focus on holding pay-per-view events in stadiums and international territories is aimed at creating more excitement around the shows. The company has recently decided to return to Puerto Rico, where they haven’t held an event in 18 years, as part of this strategy.

According to a source, WWE has been rethinking its approach to where pay-per-view events are held since 2022. Their aim is for each event to serve a purpose, whether it’s to create a “thematic” atmosphere (such as having Sami Zayn in the Elimination Chamber, or having Bad Bunny host Backlash), generate revenue (by holding events in stadiums), or be “strategic” in nature (such as holding an event in London before renewing TV rights, or holding WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, CA during potential sale and renewal talks).


The source explained that the strategy involves spacing out the pay-per-view events to create demand in the market, and that WWE will highlight how long it’s been since they held a PPV in a particular area, if possible, in the official press release they send out to the media.

Overall, WWE’s new approach to pay-per-view events appears to be a multi-faceted one, aimed at maximizing the impact and potential of each show by carefully considering its location and purpose.

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