Bret Hart denies coming to AEW for right now

Newsflash – Bret Hart Still Doesn’t Like Goldberg


We’ve got some shocking news for y’all to begin the week – Bret Hart still doesn’t like Bill Goldberg!

During a weekend appearance, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked directly about whether he likes Goldberg. True to form, the “Excellence of Execution” responded with a simple “No.”

You can check out a video of Bret Hart’s response below:

In other news, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli was recently interviewed by “Doc” Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report to discuss his time with Xavier Woods, Adam Cole, and Tyler Breeze on the “UpUpDownDown” YouTube channel.

After Adam Cole, Tyler Breeze, and Castagnoli departed WWE, the Uno games the four men used to play came to an end. Castagnoli said,

“It was absolutely amazing. It got me, and from what I hear, a lot of people through the pandemic way better than [it would have] without those guys. A lot of people couldn’t meet with their friends, couldn’t hang out, couldn’t interact the same way with their friends as they usually do. And for us, that was the same. I used to see those guys every week, every weekend. We hang out at shows in the back, talk on airplanes, everything. And then all of a sudden, it’s nothing. [Da Party] was instant chemistry and it was so much fun. We were very fortunate that it became such a hit with the fans at home and they wanted us to do more.

“I’ll be honest with you, even if nobody watched it, we probably would have done it anyway because we had such a blast. And I feel that came through. It was authentic. We were joking that they should release a podcast of us just talking because, before every game, there was at least an hour and a half of us just catching up, talking about everything and having a blast. So I’m very happy to have those memories.”

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