NFL Star Does Wrestling Moves On Kids Into A Pool (Video), Mansoor/WWE Update


FOX Sports tweeted out the following video, showing NFL Superstar James Harrison doing wrestling moves on kids into a pool:


As seen during Friday night’s edition of WWE 205 Live, Mansoor got a win over Tehuti Miles. Following the match. Mansoor did a backstage interview where he talked about fans calling him a “foreign hire.” He said,

“So, this pandemic, with everything’s that’s been going on, it’s hit so many people harder than I can possibly imagine, and I’m not equating this feeling at all to any of the pain that they may be enduring. But a lot of people in this business that say it’s about money and miles, it’s about getting paid and doing this amount of work possible. That was never the case for me. And as I was getting paid just to sit at home and do nothing as I watch on the television, my peers, my friends doing what I love to do, it tore away at me. I felt like a parasite. It’s a feeling that I never wanted to have ever since I got kicked out of my house and I lived off of a trash bag, clothes. That’s all I had. I lived in Air BNBs until I found a place. At that moment, I said that I’m going to support myself. I’m never going to be put in a vulnerable position where my livelihood depends on someone else. Every time I hear someone say that ‘Mansoor is just a foreign hire or here to represent a market,’ it boils my blood, and it makes me want to go into that ring and prove them wrong. And I’m pretty sure I just did because every single time I go out there, I do exactly what I mean to do, and that is to prove that I am good enough to be here. And even if that means I have to tear every inch of myself apart to do that, to give every part of myself to you and to everyone else, my co-workers, my fans, the people I work for, if it kills me, I’m going to do what needs to be done.”

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