Nia Jax and Others Rip Dave Meltzer for His Recent Comments on Roman Reigns


During a recent edition of Dave Meltzer’s “Wrestling Observer Radio” podcast, he commented on the recent “WWE Chronicle” special regarding Roman Reigns. During the podcast, Meltzer commented on Reigns’ cancer (leukemia) diagnosis and seemed to doubt the treatment he said he was undergoing was real. While he did not specifically say Reigns was faking the illness or diagnosis, he said, “He actually did say the pill was oral chemotherapy. It really – I don’t think it was because the pill that I was talking about, which is a new pill, and that’s what he said – he didn’t give the name of it, like I said, but … the treatment of this is usually not chemotherapy or radiation.”

When Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet called him out and posted the audio of what he said (listen below), numerous fans went nuts on social media. Satin said,


“Speculating about storylines, upcoming matches and locker room “heat” is one thing … but Meltzer saying Roman isn’t telling the truth about his cancer treatment is not ok. Many take his word as gospel and to speculate on such a matter is irresponsible.”

On Saturday, Nia Jax and many others came out swinging. Jax said,

“@davemeltzerWON is a piece of shit. The fact that u make statements about people’s health, when u have zero knowledge about it is ridiculous. If u do have access 2 superstars PERSONAL medical info, that is a HUGE violation of HIPAA & I’m sure that’s not the case. So shut ur mouth.”

Meltzer, who is never one to apologize for being wrong, once again refused to apologize and instead said he “stands corrected.” You can see the Twitter exchanges below:

To hear the audio of what Meltzer said on his podcast, you can click here to listen to it. The link will pop up in a new window.

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