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Nia Jax – ‘I’m Excited For CM Punk’s Return To WWE’ + More News



While speaking with Karolyi from Q105.7 and Q103.5 in Albany, New York to promote Monday’s WWE RAW TV tapings, Nia Jax gave her thoughts on the recent returns of CM Punk and Randy Orton to WWE. She said,

“That’s the great thing about WWE. I don’t think a lot of things could be seen with the recent events. I would love to predict the future, but the great thing about WWE is that it is unpredictable. It will always keep you on your toes. It will always surprise you and keep you excited. I love Randy Orton, he’s one of my favorite human beings and I’m such a huge fan of his, watched him when I was a kid and now getting to work with him. I’ve been RKO’d by him. He is a top tier talent. I’ve never had the chance to work with CM Punk, but I’ve heard many different things about him and I’m excited to see what he is able to bring since he’s been gone for a bit. There are so many things that can happen in WWE. The surprises we have, the returns we have. New people coming up from NXT. It’s very unpredictable but it will always be exciting and entertaining.“

During a recent interview with Irish Wrestling Entertainment, JD McDonagh expressed his desire to see a pay-per-view event in his home country of Ireland. He said,

“Good Ol’ JR said “Never Say Never in the WWE” Why not Croke Park? This business is so crazy, business is booming everywhere we go, packed to the rafters, 10k people plus. Ireland has clearly been a home run for WWE with Finn, Sheamus, Becky, Lyra, Myself. We’re all pushing for more Irish involvement in WWE, so I don’t think it’s beyond the relam of possibility that we could see a Premium Live Event in Ireland. I don’t see why not the fans are nuts anytime. Everyone asks where I would like to do a premium live event or if we’d go on the road to dream venues. Why not Croke Park? Why not? Bring it on. Let’s do it.“

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