Nia Jax Is Interested In Joining In AEW


Former WWE Superstar Nia Jax is interested in joining All Elite Wrestling.

On November 4, 2021, Savelina “Nia Jax” Fanene was released from WWE due to COVID-19 related “budget cuts.” While she did enter the 2023 Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match as entrant #30, Jax hasn’t made many appearances since departing WWE.


Speaking on a recent “K&S Virtual Signing,” Jax revealed that she’d be interested in joining Tony Khan’s promotion. She said,

“I actually would. I keep getting asked that question, and I usually say no, but I actually would. I’m really good friends with Saraya, I love what she’s doing there. I recently met Nyla Rose. It would be kind of cool and add something different.”

While Nia Jax received a new t-shirt following her return at the Royal Rumble, she remains on’s alumni section and is not under contract with the company.

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