Nia Jax Opens Up About Her WWE Royal Rumble Appearance, More


Speaking recently to Highspots Sign It Live, Nia Jax talked about her Royal Rumble return, the freedom of wrestling during the pandemic, and more.

Jax was the #30 entrant in this year’s women’s Rumble match, and didn’t have much time to prepare. When asked if she had even a month’s notice, she replied, “No, I did not. I had it [her ring gear] very rushed.”


Jax was teased about how freely she uses curse words, saying, “I didn’t realize I was cussing that much.” She knew she was in trouble when her mother used her full name when they spoke. The conversation contained plenty of “My Hole” jokes, a reference to Jax’s infamous moment during a Monday Night RAW Match in February 2021.

The real-life Lina Fanene also spoke about the freedom that came with wrestling during the pandemic: “Good ol’ COVID times. That was my favorite, we got to do a lot more.”

It took eleven women to eliminate Jax from the women’s Rumble. New merchandise for Jax seemed to suggest that she was back with the company, but those rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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