Nia Jax Says She’s The “Black Sheep” Of The Family


Nia Jax went on a Twitter rant earlier today to talk about her Samoan family background and how she became the “black sheep” of the family. This looks to have been done in-character, as Nia has had issues with Tamina since Friday when she superkicked her on SmackDown. Jax said,

“I’m so sick of trying to be humble and hold my tongue. It really be your own family that is quick to stab you in the back. People may not know, but @TaminaSnuka is loved and respected by fans and most importantly by our family! I am the black sheep/outcast, the embarrassment.

I stopped trying to gain any approval from the family a long time ago, I realized it was pointless. The only one I thought I could count on is @TaminaSnuka. I was wrong. My partner @QoSBaszler has been there more for me in this business than my family has. That’s the truth!

F*ck this family shit! “They say blood is thicker than water, but I remember plenty of times when water was there & blood wasn’t!”


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