NIck Aldis Comments On How He Would Build Up The NWA Junior Heavyweight Division


NWA star Nick Aldis recently appeared on the Muscle Man Malcolm podcast as he spoke about how he would structure the NWA Junior Heavyweight Division and what wrestlers he would place in the division to build around. Aldis said,

Look, obviously it’s not my company, never has been. If my opinion is asked, and it is, I would say now what I said then which is, to me, I’d build the Junior Heavyweight Division around Darius Lockhart, Colby Corino, and Ariya Daivari. All three of those guys are totally unique and have very, very unique characteristics and stories. Colby, second generation, he’s just become my absolute favorite new talent. He’s got such a sort of dirtbag heel swagger thing going on and it’s just really hard to get that right and he’s nailing it. Darius Lockhart is one of the most impressive humans that I’ve met in recent years in wrestling. This guy just, he showed up to St. Louis, he had been in touch prior to that but, you know, we talked about him on this show, and I kind of gave him a playful tweet and he just totally got where I was going with that. Didn’t see it as shade. Totally got what I was doing with that. Showed up to St. Louis well dressed, great charisma and poise to him. Very professional and friendly and impressed the hell out of everyone. We’ve all seen enough tape to know he’s got it in the ring, so I’m like, ‘Let’s do it. Light and match and stand back kind of thing.’ Ariya. I’ve known Ariya for a long time. I’m very good friends with his brother. He was always super talented and then obviously not second-generation like Colby but kind of second-generation because Shawn, at the time Ariya was breaking in the business, it wasn’t that long before that Shawn was working with Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels and tippey-top WWE guys. So, he’s then getting a sort of birds-eye view of that. Now he’s had his own run-in WWE, had a good run, and now he’s just sort of reaching his peak. He hasn’t even peaked yet. So, a young guy heading towards his prime with a lot of experience is the perfect combination. Those three could tear the house down with each other and with all those different variations and combinations for the next 12 months if they get it right.

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