Nick Aldis Comments On NWA Back For The Attack Airing On Virgin Media In The UK


During a recent interview with Metro, NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis commented on the return of the NWA, their new deal with Virgin Media, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the NWA deal with Virgin: “All NWA pay-per-views going forward will also be available on that platform. Obviously that’s a great get for us, we’re very excited about that. Any time you can associate with a brand like Virgin Media, for a company of our stature, we’ve been in operation for three and a bit years – that’s a great win for us. We just hope that it means we can encourage a few more UK fans to give her a go and check out what we have to offer. The main thing that I really wanna convey to anyone who’s gonna read this – if you are one of the millions of fans around the world who have fallen out of love with wrestling because the industry just doesn’t quite hit the notes that you remember it hitting, you might find that the NWA hits those notes.”


On the NWA focusing on the UK market: “I’ve always tried to instil a culture that the British fans can’t feel like the come second. Let’s face it, for a long time it was pretty obvious that that’s the case. The UK was the second best market, but it was by a long way and they were always treated as such.”

On who should get credit for wrestling expanding into the UK market: “I think some of that started to change with TNA, I think TNA deserve a lot of credit for that. They had such a strong following and because of the efforts of people – not just me, but people like Jeremy Borash and others who were very keenly aware of how much the UK wrestling market was set to explode, really pushed that agenda of ‘If we treat these guys like equals, they’re not gonna be satisfied anymore in a global market with table scraps. They want their own main course.’”

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