Nick Aldis Wants Dream Match with CM Punk


NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was recently interviewed by the This Is The NWA Podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:


His run with IMPACT Wrestling:

Obviously we had a very WCW-esque approach in the sense of like ‘Oh, this guy’s leaving WWE? Cool! Let’s give him a job.’ There was some of that in the water supply, but all I would hear from all of those guys was about how much tension and how careful they had to be at WWE, how much politics there was backstage but how here at TNA they loved it because everybody was just going about their business, everybody was just cool with each other and there were no rules, no heat or no bullshit.

Wanting a dream match with CM Punk:

Punk could negotiate a deal with us, we could do a PPV tomorrow where he keeps half the revenue. We’d do it. No questions asked. Imagine the kind of packages we could do with Punk. He could sell out Chicago like that, ya know? I genuinely believe he could take the reigns on the entire business side of it and he could make seven figures to wrestle me for the NWA title.

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