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NewsNick Aldis Opens Up About Working With TNA's Dixie Carter

Nick Aldis Opens Up About Working With TNA’s Dixie Carter



Speaking recently on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Nick Aldis opened up about working with TNA’s Dixie Carter. Aldis spent many successful years in TNA/Impact as Magnus, sticking with the promotion from 2008 to 2015. Aldis even went on to capture TNA’s World Championship in 2013. He noted that not a lot of people would have been such an advocate for him, but Carter was in his corner.

Aldis noted of Carter: “I didn’t really have anybody sort of in my corner except for Dixie, which was not necessarily a good thing. It was a good thing for me, and I will say that I see a lot of stuff get said about Dixie, and for me, it’s always important for me to mention that I would not have had a career in the United States without her. Certainly not at the age I did, anyway.”

Aldis said that he still considers Carter a friend. He noted that while Carter could be ruthless in her decision-making at times, her heart was in the right place “most of the time.” You can see a video clip of Aldis’ interview below:

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