Nick Aldis Reveals NWA’s Plans for 2020, Talks About the Company Turning a Corner


Prior to the NWA “Into the Fire” pay-per-view event, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis spoke with The Mirror and commented on NWA turning a corner, their goals for 2020, and lots more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On helping NWA turn a corner: “To carve out legacy and build the promotion. Considering where we started two years ago, to be in the position we are now is a huge achievement and testament to Dave Lagana [NWA vice-president] Billy Corgan, and Maureen Tracy [NWA director of operations]. We have had steady growth and are starting to see definitive revenue streams. We have a core fan base who are supporting NWA, buying merchandise, buying the PPV and tickets. It’s about being at the forefront of the brand and help to turn it into a multi-million dollar brand and beyond. Anyone who finds humour in that should look at early trajectories of companies like the UFC and see where they started.”

On NWA’s goals for 2020: “We have a goal in mind but we are not going to flood the market for the sake of it. We love having a relationship with our audience and we listen to them and stay in tune with what they are feeling and anticipating. One of the benefits of having a small team and content on YouTube means we can really adapt and move very quickly. If something takes off and something is really firing with people have the ability to put out another thing tomorrow. Doing Powerrr in seasons people have lost their minds because there is a week off. The last thing we want is for the audience to think it’s a chore to watch and follow. We want everything we are doing to feel like it is destination viewing.”

On why fans should give NWA a chance: “If you want a show that reminds you of why you liked wrestling before and has less of the things that have turned you away and you want fun and unapologetic pro wrestling and not watered down pseudo wrestling/entertainment, then give NWA a chance. We will give you believable promos, interviews and matches that mean something and we are absolutely not ashamed of being pro wrestling.”

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