Nick Aldis Shares What Advice Hulk Hogan Gave Him


Nick Aldis spoke about a wide range of topics in an interview with Spencer Love for Love Wrestling

During it, he shared the advice Hulk Hogan gave him back in TNA Wrestling. Here is what he had to say: 


On the passing of Josephus: “Joseph Hudson, as a human being was a really, you know, he was a special guy. Very unique, very eccentric, lovably odd guy. He lived very close to me. We’re both in the Nashville area. He’s been to the house. The last time I saw him before he passed away, we were hanging out in my kitchen, just sort of chatting it up about whatever. He wore a lot of hats here. He played a big part in getting us where we were, and he was one of those guys that – he would have always had a place here. He would have been – with Billy and their relationship, they had a long-established relationship long before I was in the picture. He is one of those guys, like I said, that would have had a job for life with the NWA. He would have been – because he did so many different things. He produced, he edited, he helped with logistics, merchandise, all sorts of stuff. Not just on a personal level, obviously, because he was just a really great human being and a very dedicated father, which to me, was obviously admirable, and something I can relate to. He’s also missed greatly on a professional level.”

On the rise in popularity for The Question Mark: “I remember once he walked out – I think they might have shared this clip on social media. He came out for a match with Ricky Starks, and this place just exploded. This was like, I don’t know, four or five shows in and we start going. I remember standing there with Billy, and we looked at each other, and Billy just kind of – you could feel it meant a lot to Billy because it was like, he didn’t want to feel like it was nepotism. He didn’t want to feel like ‘oh, I’m putting my guy [there] because he’s a good friend. I’m sure he was conscious of that. But then, it was so rewarding for him also to see him get this massive reaction. We’re sort of look at each other going ‘what’s happening? I just said ‘this is unbelievable. This is so great.’ When something like that happens organically – and he was a big part of the culture that’s established in the NWA dressing room backstage. He plays a major part in that because there was no resentment or animosity or jealousy for any of the guys when that happened. We’re all going like ‘this guy is the most over guy on the show!’ We were all going ‘this is crazy, but it’s so great. We love it,’ because it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

On the advice Hulk Hogan gave him: “Hulk Hogan said to me, I was doing an appearance with Hulk in Tampa, and someone, I forget what it was, but it was one of those things where it was somebody who was kind of pseudo-involved with like, the radio or TV or something, someone who was kind of overstepping their bounds a little bit as far as using insider lingo and stuff like that, and he was just being a bit obnoxious. I was kind of being gracious and like, ‘oh, yeah, that’s pretty cool,’ and this one guy went, ‘man, your work is really getting better. You’re becoming a really good worker.’ I was kind of like ‘Oh, thanks.’ He walked away, and I turned to Hulk and sort of smiled. I said, ‘you hear that?’ He goes ‘brother, the guy who makes the most money is the best worker.’”

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