Nick Aldis Talks About WWE vs. AEW Rivalry Benefiting Smaller Companies Like NWA


NWA Superstar Nick Aldis was interviewed by Wrestling Inc as he spoke about why he believes the rivalry between WWE and AEW will benefit smaller wrestling companies like NWA and Impact Wrestling (for example). You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how other companies benefit from AEW/WWE rivalry: “It looks like the WWE and AEW’s strategy going forward is to focus less on smaller shows in smaller markets and put all their eggs in one basket for big stadium shows in major markets/ That’s exciting to other organizations. These other markets can be tapped with enthusiastic and grateful fans.”


On NWA not staying in one place for long, similar to TNA taping constantly in Orlando: “You never want to outstay your welcome. I was there during the peak Universal years. There’s no doubt, from a lifestyle perspective, it’s really nice to be in the same place all the time — but it’s not conducive to a dynamic and exciting fan interaction.”

On making the audience their top priority: “Any wrestling company that isn’t WWE or AEW needs to operate in a way that is very, very fan-oriented. You really have to go above and beyond to create messaging that says, ‘Hey, when you buy a ticket to come to this event, you’re going to have a great time, and we’re going to have a great time with you. We appreciate it.’”

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