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Nick Aldis Reveals Who in NWA Stands out to Him


NWA World Champion Nick Aldis recently took part in a media call to promote Into the Fire.

Here are the highlights:


Which talent in the company stands out to him:

Ricky Starks would be one of the first ones I would mention in that regard. I think people are gonna be surprised when Thunder Rosa gets a chance to speak, certainly in that environment. Her presentation is so vastly different and she’s arrived on the scene with such ferocity based on her in-ring performances.

But I wouldn’t sleep on her as far as her ability to deliver on the stick too. Allyson Kay is money on the mic. She, in many ways, has been as good a representation of the NWA as I have on the women’s side with the way she carries herself. With the way she conducts herself, she really believes that she’s the champion and that’s really the most important thing.

Possibility of surprise debuts:

There’s also gonna be some new faces. There’s gonna be some new people coming up and by the time this weekend is finished, the conversation about the NWA will be about what you’ve just seen, or if you didn’t get the PPV, what you just missed. Who knows who you’re gonna see on that podium?

That’s an exciting prospect. Let’s not forget that people like to talk about the departure of Cornette. But the blessing in disguise we got from that is the addition of Stu Bennett who I think is gonna absolutely crush it on the broadcast team.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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