Nick Patrick Comments On Nearly Botching An Undertaker vs. JBL House Show Match


During a recent interview with Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda, former WWE referee Nick Patrick commented on nearly botching a house show match between The Undertaker and JBL. He said he incorrectly counted a three-count on an overseas live event between the two men. He said,

“JBL actually took a Tombstone, and I guess we were going for the deal like [Steve] Austin and those guys did where you hit the guy with the finish two or three times and then they kick out,” he recalled. “But [JBL] didn’t [kick out] with that tombstone and it was so close that he kicked out, and I didn’t really think he was going to kick out, so I wasn’t really trying to pull it, but if I had to I wouldn’t have been able to because it was that close and I counted it. When I counted it, JBL and Undertaker both looked at me like, ‘What was that?’ ‘That close! Two!’ I dug down into the well and pulled it back out again.”

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