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Nick Wayne Comments On Being Offered An AEW Contract At Just 16 Years Old


During a recent appearance on the “Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo” podcast, Nick Wayne commented on being offered an AEW contract by Darby Allin at just 16 years old.

For those unaware, Wayne’s AEW contract will officially begin when he turns 18 and graduates high school.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On where he stands with AEW: “From now until I’m 18, it’s like a learning experience there, I’ll go to the shows, learn TV wrestling, learn how AEW does things, meet the agents, learn the production, so when I turn 18 we’ll be ready to rock and roll. People I’m looking forward to working with, Jerry Lynn, one of the agents, he’s one of the best. I love Jerry Lynn. In the ring, working with Daniel Bryan [Bryan Danielson], easily one of the best careers in professional wrestling ever. Other guys who have inspired me a lot throughout the way, Kenny Omega, so many names.”

On his thoughts on the AEW product: “It’s incredible. They’re doing something that other people aren’t doing. They’re pushing the limits and pushing boundaries. The matches they put on, on a weekly basis, are jaw-dropping. They were the first ever wrestling company to have a deathmatch on TV, that’s never been done. Just going outside the box. The product is incredible and I’m beyond thankful that, out of all the places I got signed to, it was AEW.”

On his thoughts on wrestling Darby Allin: “I didn’t even know Darby was in town. When the match was over, stuff started to unfold, chaos kind of started to happen, I was in the corner, going up the ropes, I hear Daby’s music and the crowd goes insane. ‘Hold up, Darby is here?’ He came out, him and Christopher Daniels did their thing, it was me and him, I had no idea he was there or what was going to happen. He grabbed the mic and I thought, ‘Maybe he is going to come back to the Independents for one match against me at DEFY.’ He starts talking and he’s like, ‘I’m not here to fire you, I’m here for something else,’ and pulls a paper out of his pocket. Instantly, goosebumps, a lump in my throat, I looked at my mom and was like, ‘No way,’ I saw him unfold the paper and I could see the shadow of the AEW logo on top of the paper. Once he showed the fans, the fans went crazy. I had no idea that anything was going on. I didn’t know how to react. It was such a surreal moment, the best thing that has happened to me in my life.”

On a conversation with Tony Khan: “I went AEW before that, me and Darby were training and he told Tony Khan about me, showed Tony my stuff and Tony was like, ‘He’s awesome, he’s great, tell him to come to Jacksonville.’ I came to Jacksonville, hung out, saw everything backstage, hung out with Darby and met awesome people. A few months later, I went to All Out. I knew Tony liked my work, I’ve only met him one time, he’s always busy, running around and doing something. He said he liked me work and to ‘keep doing what you’re doing.’ He never mentioned a future contract or working with each other, he just said, ‘you’re great, I love what you do.’ He said on a podcast, ‘Once Nick Wayne turns 18, that’s my guy.’ I got goosebumps hearing that.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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