Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne Is Interested In Competing For PWG & NJPW


During a recent appearance on The Wrestling Republic’s “All Real Wrestling Podcast,” sixteen year old wrestler Nick Wayne commented on wanting to wrestle for PWG and NJPW in the near future. He said,

“PWG is one that I haven’t performed for yet, but I’d absolutely love to. PWG introduced me to a majority of the independent wrestlers I know now. PWG is a promotion I started watching when I was eight years old and I had a wrestling student at my dad’s school that would get us the full shows. I would watch these full shows and just be mind blown by the stuff that these guys were doing. And so yeah, PWG introduced me to a lot of people I know now know. So I definitely love to do PWG at some point, maybe even participate in Battle of Los Angeles next year, that would be really cool. Destination-wise for the future. I would love to spend some time in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. A very big goal is to compete in the Best of Super Juniors, that’s a very big goal of mine.”

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