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Nick Wayne On His Future, Wants To Wrestle In NJPW


As we reported back in February here on eWn, sixteen-year-old indie sensation Nick Wayne was offered an AEW contract at a DEFY wrestling show. Due to Wayne’s age, he can’t actually sign with the company until his eighteenth birthday.

Despite this, Wayne recently appeared on the Speaking on Your Story with Mike Wexler podcast, during which Wayne would speak on where he sees his future in wrestling. As well as what one if his main career goal is:

“One of the main goals, for sure, is to be one of the best or the best in the world one day. Destination wise, I feel the style I wrestle right now, when the time is right, All Elite Wrestling would be a very nice fit for me.

“Once I become older and my style starts to slow down and I start to tell those longer, stretched out storytelling matches, I’d be good to transition into New Japan Pro-Wrestling. If I could say where I could go, I think that would be the track. That’s just right now, the answer will probably change six months from now, but as of right now, that’s what I’m set on.”

In the time since AEW offered Wayne a contract, Tony Khan said that “when he’s [Wayne] 18 years old, I can’t wait for him to step in the ring for us.”

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