Nigel McGuinness Speaks Out + Major Slammiversary PPV Plans


— Due to it taking place in Panda Energy’s home base city, TNA Slammiversary will get a big push due to the company wanting to put their best foot forward for their parent company. The venue that they will run is a newer venue that just opened last February, and seats 6,500. This will be the first wrestling event held at the building.

Nigel McGuinness recently appeared on the radio show. Here are some highlights:

On what inspired Nigel to start the “Last of McGuinness” project: Colt Cabana really in few words. He’d done his Wrestling Road Diaries DVD and had quite a lot of success with it…and so I talked to him about it and … I didn’t know what I was going to be left with. I didn’t have any money left to invest to pay people to follow me while I went along so I was kind of limited and I didn’t know if it would be a waste of time. So we talked about it and he said the least you can do is do it and with the way he approached the Wrestling Road Diaries where he just paid someone to follow him around and video tape it and he figured if he didn’t have anything at the end at least he had a story about the weekend/week of his life as a professional wrestling for the rest of his life…

On what the goals were for the actual farewell tour: “It was to get out to as many places as I could so that those who wanted to see me wrestle one last time could and would have a chance to do that and I was touched by so many of those who did. When you haven’t wrestled for WWE and you don’t have hundreds of thousands of people following you on twitter sometimes you get a sense that you don’t really exist, that no one knows who you are compared to those guys. I didn’t know what to expect and there were some that drove six or seven hours to West Virginia to see me so it was emotional.”

On if there was a problem with some of the talent and/or their employers to get them to be allowed to be a part of the project: “At the time I presented it to them as I’m filming this stuff, will it become a documentary I don’t know, it’s not like this is definitely going to happen but I value your opinion on wrestling and so if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to film this and they all trusted and trust in me and that I wouldn’t in any way put out anything that would hurt them and they didn’t say anything that could hurt them either. For the most part everyone was talking about in general terms about this wonderful crazy industry that they spent their life pursuing just the same as me.”

Other Topics Include

-The ROH compilation that will becoming out shortly and what matches we can expect to see.

-Other memorable feuds, such as the one he had with the current World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, and feuds that will be shown on the documentary.

-Lots of candid feelings from Nigel, including on if any of the current crop of ROH talent could bring him out for one last match.

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