​Nike Files An Opposition Against WWE’s Trademark Of The Rock’s “Just Bring It!” Catchphrase


Nike recently filed an opposition to WWE’s trademark application for “Just Bring It.” WWE had applied for the trademark for The Rock’s catchphrase for “use in clothing”. The Fashion Law is reporting that Nike’s opposition claims the trademark “will inevitably lead to confusion, to mistake, or to deception of the public…all to [Nike’s] grave and irreparable damage” in regard to the company’s “Just Do It” line.

Nike also says the company has been successful in the past filing similar oppositions, saying they’ve “has brought numerous other successful oppositions based on the JUST DO IT Mark, including its opposition to the mark JUST JESU IT reported in Nike, Inc. v. Peter Maher and Patricia Hoyt Maher, 100 USPQ2d 1018 (TTAB 2011). In Nike v. Maher, the Board sustained [Nike’s] opposition on both the grounds of likelihood of confusion with the JUST DO IT Mark and dilution, and found that [Nike’s JUST DO IT Mark was famous.”

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