Nikki A.S.H

Nikki A.S.H Comments On Being Able To Pick The Brain Of Shane Helms, More


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H commented on being able to work with Shane “Hurricane” Helms on her new character, the inspiration behind the gimmick, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the inspiration for the character: “I get really, really inspired by superhero movies. Spider-Man was another big influence for me. Supergirl on CW, I absolutely love and adore that show, and there’s actually so much that represents what Nikki A.S.H. believes in. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pick the brain of The Hurricane. Shane Helms has been absolutely amazing. He’s been so supportive and so helpful and giving me some great advice. When I first debuted the character and when I won the Raw Women’s Championship, I came through Gorilla and one of the first people I saw was Hurricane. I’ve been lucky enough to get some great advice off him, and I’m grateful to be able to pick his brain.”

On connecting with the fans: “One of the most important things is connecting with for fans, and I love exploring that connection, and I’m excited to be in front of live fans again at live events leading up to SummerSlam. There’s been so much positivity and joy. I’ve seen the fan art, which I pretty much share on a daily basis on my Twitter and on my Instagram, and all the outpouring of messages from everyone. I’m inspired by it. I’m empowered by that. I’m just so excited. And the connection is the most important thing, and I’m looking forward to exploring that and for people to see this character and become invested in it. That’s what I’m focusing on and thinking about.”

On who she wants to defend against: “We have so many female Superstars that as almost a superhero, as the Raw Women’s champion, I’ll be a fighting champion. I’ll defend my championship against anyone and everyone. Personally, I’d love to mix it up with Mia Yim. I’d love to mix it up with Tamina. One of my favorite matches of my career was at a live event that me and Tamina had in San Diego a few years ago, so I’d love to mix it up with Tamina. I’d love to mix it up with Naomi, Liv Morgan—so many women I’d love to do something with. Also on Raw, we have Eva Marie and Doudrop, and I know Doudrop from Scotland. That would be an amazing moment, getting to fight against her. We went to the same wrestling school in Scotland, and we’ve both had amazing journeys but very different journeys. I’d love to do that match.”

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