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NewsNikki A.S.H. Comments On Coming Up With Her New WWE Character, More

Nikki A.S.H. Comments On Coming Up With Her New WWE Character, More



During a recent appearance on the “Out of Character with Ryan Satin” podcast, Nikki A.S.H. commented on her new character, how she came up with it, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On when she first started to come up with the idea for hew new WWE character: “It was the night after the Royal Rumble and it was just like, ‘OK, this is the right time.’ It felt like the perfect time. We had the Black Widow movie coming out. Scarlet Witch was so successful on Disney+ and it just felt like the perfect time to think about how do we do this. I would pinpoint Royal Rumble and it was the natural start.”

On developing the concept of the character and using inspiration from female-led superhero films: “I actually asked an artist I know to do a cartoon drawing. When we started to explore it, it was going to be a super positive role model for children and the younger audience. How do we do that? I thought cartoons. So let’s present the character as spunky, cute, and very energetic stick of dynamite. We did a concept cartoon and then I looked into the research. For Wonder Woman, what were the numbers like at the box office? It was successful, but how much money did it make? How much money did Captain Marvel make? Looking at the success, especially with female-led superhero movies and television shows. The female-led franchises and female-led movies are what I wanted to really focus on and show that there has been a huge success and it’s inspirational. I went to see Wonder Woman with my mom in Scotland, and I was crying. I looked over at my mom and she also had tears in her eyes. I have younger nephews and they are obsessed with superheroes. You see how much it can touch people’s lives and at WWE, we also want to touch people’s lives and connect with families and people with all ages. Superheroes and WWE, we want to unite people. For me, that’s what I wanted to explore and how do we make it relatable. How do we bring this to WWE in 2021? Those were the first few things. My thing was let’s get this image and the cartoon really helped that and really captured my energy.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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