Nikki Bella Confirms She’s Down For A “Wine Date” With Current UFC Champion


According to a new report from, Nikki Bella is very open to going on a “wine date” with UFC Champion Henry Cejudo. You can check out their article below:

Get those Hikki Cejudella shirts ready … Nikki Bella just responded to Henry Cejudo’s public courting attempts — and says she’s down for a wine date with the UFC champ!!!

ICYMI … Cejudo’s been shooting his shot with Bella all week after meeting her on his flight to NYC for his fight with T.J. Dillashaw last weekend.

In fact — Cejudo told us he’s developed SUCH a crush on the WWE superstar — he’s down to get in the squared circle with her ex-BF, John Cena, to win her love!!

Now, Nikki’s responding — and it’s good news for Henry …

“I said I’d send him some Belle Radici [wine]. Maybe I’ll have some wine with him one day — or, I don’t know. We’ll see!”

And, hey … if it doesn’t work out — Brie Bella says her husband Daniel Bryan has the biggest man crush on Henry — and will take him out if Nikki won’t!!!

Speaking of Brie and Daniel — Bella says they’re laser-focused on adding a 2nd child to their family.

“We’re working on it — we’re having a lot of fun working on it!”

They already have a daughter — Birdie Joe — who was born in May 2017.

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