Nikki Bella Heel Turn Planned?, Cesaro Babyface Turn Update – Get The Latest Backstage News


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted earlier here on the
website, there has been some talk of turning Nikki Bella heel in the near
future. If the company decides to go through with the heel turn, the idea is
that she’d eventually turn on her sister Brie at the end of her current feud
with Stephanie McMahon. That is still several months away though and a lot can
change between now and then. The current plan is to have Brie Bella vs.
Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam. Whether the Nikki heel turn takes place there
or if they continue the feud through Night of Champions remains to be seen. If
they continue it through Night of Champions, the Nikki heel turn will likely
take place there instead. As noted, they are stacking the WWE Night of Champions
PPV as they want to entice fans whose Network subscriptions are expiring (there
are a lot as it’ll be about six months from the launch/WrestleMania date) to

Speaking of heel and babyface turns, we noted earlier here on the website
that WWE was still planning a
babyface push for Cesaro but it wouldn’t be happening until they “needed it.”
Following this week’s WWE TV tapings, it appears that they may be going in a
different direction with Cesaro.

Cesaro was originally planned
for a significant babyface push at the end of the summer but the decision was
made, even before Daniel Bryan went down with an injury, that Roman Reigns would
be getting the push instead as they see major potential in him. The fans have
also reacted to him in a huge way in recent weeks.

We’ll keep you posted as we
hear more.

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