Nikki Bella: ‘I Have Unconditional Love for John Cena’


On the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, Nikki Bella responds to a fan’s question about her split with John Cena. Nikki says that they split suddenly because she was very unhappy, but there are a lot of things she cannot talk about because of a non-disclosure agreement she signed.

While Nikki does say that she feels the relationship fell apart because of their different lifestyles and scheduling conflicts, she admits that she will always have unconditional love for John Cena, even going so far as to call him a soulmate of hers:

“I do feel like John is a soulmate of mine. [Brie Bella is] one. I do feel like Artem is one. I really feel a soulmate connection with [Artem] and with John. And we both have said this. I have unconditional love for him. We were such a great couple, but our lives didn’t work. And that’s what I think– sometimes people, when they get into marriage, they don’t realize that marriage is beyond just loving someone. You are joining a life together. It’s a partnership. It’s so many things that those are things, unfortunately, you have to look at and I look at my marriage just being different than what John and I were gonna have.”

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