Nikki Bella Speaks On Total Bellas, John Cena, Daniel Bryan Being The SmackDown Live GM


Nikki Bella recently spoke with Sky Sports about her career. Here are the highlights.

On dressing up like John Cena for Halloween:

“It was actually John’s idea! We did collaborate but he brilliantly came up with it. We were going to do full entrances in a ring and stuff but I had just had dental surgery so I said’ I can’t go in the ring’. He then came up with the amazing idea to do it at the house.”

On Total Bellas:

“To film with our family is awesome – you have to hang out with each other and I love that because I hate being alone. There were tough moments but I had a blast. I think both shows have given an intimate look into our lives and relationships and shown that we are normal people – for example, you have seen how depressed Daniel Bryan became [as he dealt with injuries and retirement]. People also get to see Brie and I’s passion for wrestling. People have realised we are here for wrestling, not anything else.”

On Daniel Bryan being the SmackDown Live GM:

“He is a good General Manager – but I have to tell him: ‘Look at the opportunities the women on Raw are getting [such as Hell in a Cell]! Seriously, he is doing an amazing job – his presence and the way the crowd reacts to him takes our show to a whole new level.”

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