Nikki Cross Expected To Be Drafted To Smackdown, Xavier Woods Says New Day Isn’t Breaking Up


Nikki Cross is among the six NXT superstars who have been called up to the main roster to kick off 2019. Although we are unsure where any of them are headed, Cross worked the Smackdown Live house show this weekend which marks her second appearance on the blue brand. This is not a conformation that Cross will work SDL, however, it’s a pretty good indication that she’ll end up on Tuesdays.


There are reports online stating that Vince McMahon is looking to shake things up with the New Day in an upcoming storyline. With that being said, Xavier Woods recently sat down for an interview with Post and Courier where he shed some light on the rumors of a New Day break up.

“It’s the best career move for all three of us (to stay together). New Day’s staying together forever. In the easiest terms, it’s the most fun option for us.”

Woods stated that New Day will be together forever, and went on to elaborate by saying that the group has helped propel all three men to a great spot on TV almost every week.

“Obviously, Kofi was killing it already. Big E was doing well. I wasn’t really doing much. The group has helped me become more recognized and things like that. “They’ve gotten way more opportunities as well because of being part of the group. It’s helped all three of make sure that we’re on TV, make sure that we get microphones in our hands, and possibly the most important thing in the company, it’s helped us with opportunities to have amazing matches with other teams that are just as amazing.”


Do you want to see the New Day break up or stay together? Sound off in the comments below!

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