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Nikki Cross Expresses Frustration On Being Ignored

Nikki Cross released a new video promo today where expressed her frustrations on how she’s been ignored since she parted ways with Alexa Bliss. 

“The Royal Rumble? I haven’t been able to declare myself for the Royal Rumble. Is there a sign-up sheet? Is it in catering? Who do I need to talk to, TR, HR, LR, BR? Do I need to go and talk to Adam Pearce? But just think how surprised you would all be if I won the Royal Rumble. No, seriously. How surprised would you all be? Because over the last few months, I’ve had people outright ignore me now that I’m on my own. You would not believe some of the messages that I get from some of her [Alexa Bliss] fans. As if I contributed nothing, as if she won those Tag Team Championships by herself, wrestled all of those tag matches by herself. Because you know, thank you so much because I am so much better when I’ve got a chip on my shoulder. I’m at my best when I’m on the ground looking up at the mountain that I need to climb, Mount Everest. Is this Sunday, the Royal Rumble, my Mount Everest? Trying to break out of this is my Mount Everest, and when I get to the top, I’m going to do it for all of the people that have ever been looked down upon and ignored. We’re going to do it together, and we’re going to stand tall and look down on all the people that ever ignored us or laughed at us. This Sunday, January 31, Royal Rumble, let’s find out.”

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