Nikki Cross on her and Alexa Bliss’ Goal, How Their Storyline Onscreen Was Similar to Real Life


Digital Spy recently interviewed WWE Superstar Nikki Cross. Below are some of the highlights: 

Alexa Bliss: “Alexa was someone who I had always gotten along with in NXT, but we didn’t really know each other too well and then we just started to talk. It just started off with us getting coffee together, then driving together and traveling together and just basically being on the road together.”

“The story’s start was very much what you saw on screen to a little extent, the way we kind of met and then there were different layers to the friendship and different layers to the relationship explored on television. It was kinda what was basically happening in real life was us coming together and then working together and getting to know each other and getting to find out little things about each other. Basically life imitated art and art imitated life there.”

Their Goal: “We really want to be the first-ever two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. We’re 100% dedicated to keeping that team going and exploring it even more and showcasing it even more.”

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