Nikki Cross Would Only Have a Match With Alexa Bliss If It Makes Sense


In an interview with the Metro newspaper in the UK, Nikki Cross said that she had no desire to have a match with Alexa Bliss unless there was a good reason for it. Here are the highlights:

Cross on her tag team with Alexa Bliss: “We went a different direction to what people expected, and that’s one of the best things you can do in entertainment. It was so organic and natural – whatever happens going forward will also be organic and natural because I think that’s where it came from. We get a kick out of the friendship, and whatever will be, will be.”

On a possible split: “We’re gonna be best friends forever, she’s not allowed to leave me! We’re best friends forever. It’s so natural with our relationship and friendship. We just want to stay true to what made us great friends in the first place.”

Nikki Cross on a possible NXT UK run: ‘I’ve never wrestled there so I think that could be something really exciting to see for the fans. I love a lot of the NXT talent, I know most of them so that’s definitely something I could see in the future. I think it would be very gratifying for the United Kingdom fans. You just never know what could happen – it’s very exciting and unpredictable!”

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