Nikolai Volkoff Believes Hulk Hogan Was In The Right Place At The Right Time


Nikolai Volkoff appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, and some of the highlights are down below….

On His “Flag Match” with Hulk Hogan on Saturday Night’s Main Event in October 1985: “That was the first time that the Meadowlands Arena was sold out then. So, I was on the main event with Hulk Hogan and at that time there was a flag match with me and Hulk Hogan and it was pretty good. He was a decent guy, not a bad guy and he was the one that started changing wrestling from wrestling to entertainment you could say that idea and of course you know the rest.”

On Hulk being the right guy to lead the roster and the birth of Hulkamania: “Yeah, he was. Was in the right place at the right time, yes.”

Following the WWF Global expansion and the territories being abolished, was it a good overall change for the business: “Well, you know everything changes like you said and you cannot jump in a river in the same place because it’s running. The people and the mentality of the people changed and them taking all the other people changed. So wrestling can change with the times too.”

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