NJPW Stars Reportedly Unhappy With Management, Considering WWE Jump


Per a report from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, early contract offers from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) have “raised some concern” amongst the talent. Wrestlers are said to be frustrated with new President Harold Meij and General Manager Michael Craven.

Meltzer notes that neither Meij or Craven know how to deal with wrestlers, and Craven, in particular, is not well liked amongst the guys. Craven is an ex-tech director who worked in IT recruitment. It’s being reported that many wrestlers believe he talks down to them.

Due to this, it’s being described that NJPW has suffered a huge dip in morale amongst its talent. Some wrestlers are described to “feel like they are seen as workers in a factory assembly line as opposed to high-level athletes or entertainers”.

Meltzer noted that some talents who once never considered going to WWE are now thinking about it. Expect WWE to make some big moves once contract season comes around. Especially with the money they made off their recent broadcast deals and Saudi Arabia shows.

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