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NJPW Acquires STARDOM Parent Company Bushiroad Fight



New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) recently announced the acquisition of all stakes in Bushiroad Fight Co. Ltd.

The acquisition will result in the rebranding of Bushiroad Fight as STARDOM Co. Ltd. and it will operate as a fully owned subsidiary of NJPW.

This change will take effect on June 28.

You can check out the official announcement below, which also includes comments from NJPW President Hiroshi Tanahashi:

NJPW to fully acquire Bushiroad Fight

At a meeting of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s board of directors April 22, it was determined that NJPW will fully acquire all stakes in Bushiroad Fight Co. Ltd. (henceforth “Bushiroad Fight”, due to rename itself STARDOM Co. Ltd. from June 28) from parent company Bushiroad Inc. With this acquisition, Bushiroad Fight will become a fully owned subsidiary of New Japan Pro-Wrestling effective June 28.

Goal of acquisition

To improve operating efficiency and reduce redundancies within Bushiroad’s sports unit.

Transfer of stock date

Friday, June 28

About Bushiroad Fight

Company name: Bushiroad Fight Co. Ltd. (renaming STARDOM Co. Ltd. effective June 28)

Address: Nakano-ku Chuo 1-38-1, Tokyo

Founded: August 1, 2016

President/CEO: Taro Okada

Operations: Activities pertaining to STARDOM

Capital: 100,000,000 JPY

Bushiroad Fight President/CEO Taro Okada:

Since STARDOM joined the Bushiroad Group in 2019, our co-operation with New Japan Pro-Wrestling has seen STARDOM matches in the Tokyo Dome, the establishment of the IWGP and NJPW STRONG Women’s Championships, and our first co-promoted event in November 2022. Now more than four years into this relationship, and with changes being undertaken in the management and operating structure of the company, there was a desire for a stronger connection between our offices, which is being put into place with this announcement. I hope we can find new ways to show the world just how impressive Japanese pro-wrestling can be, and as athletes in both STARDOM and NJPW rings continue to push new boundaries, we look forward to your continued support.

NJPW President/CEO Hiroshi Tanahashi:

Our fans have seen a lot of crossover between NJPW and STARDOM with our co-promoted event, as well as the IWGP and STRONG Women’s titles, but there is still a lot that can be done to strengthen connections between our companies behind the scenes. From arranging event schedules and building reservations to make sure fans have time to take in big matches from both companies, to improving our promotional efforts and sponsor acquisition, I’m excited at the opportunity to further both NJPW and STARDOM’s appeal to a broader audience. This acquisition will speed up decision making processes and improve our operating efficiency, freeing both companies up to further professional wrestling in the eyes and hearts of fans in Japan and worldwide. I look forward to fans’ continued support of both NJPW and STARDOM.

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