No Way Jose Rebrands Himself as Levy Valenz


No Way Jose, who was released by WWE in April, has rebranded himself now that he’s officially a free agent. 

Levy Valenz is his new ring name. He shared a new video on his Twitter account where he said the following: 

“I am essential. I pledge fidelity to the destruction of my former self. I am not my corporately mandated persona. I am not my material possessions. I am not relying on authority to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I will not let my value be based on comments, likes, or followers. I will not seek affirmation from toxic group think. I will not filter my authenticity of self. I am essential. I will speak my truth through words and actions. I will wear betrayal as a wound of battle. I will pursue vengeance with a primitive and relentless force. I vow to find freedom. I vow to find purpose. I vow to create something that will last. I am essential. I control my narrative. Free Levy Valenz. You have been warned.”

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