Noam Dar Speaks On Returning To ICW, Goal To Become WWE Cruiserweight Champion


WWE 205 Live and NXT UK superstar Noam Dar discussed various topics in a recent interview with SportBible. Here are the highlights:

Returning to Insane Championship Wrestling:

“For me being part of this big tag team match, personally when I first started wrestling, Wolfgang was one of the guys that really looked out for me since day one so I’ve always appreciated that. He was one of the big names in the scene when I first started. Same with BT Gunn so it’s even more exciting to be part of a match I have personal connection with, and it’ll be fun to have a good old classic Scotland verus England rivalry. Every now and again you have to break out the Braveheart undertones and get it happening.”

His goal to become WWE Cruiserweight Champion:

“Short term goals right now is to just consistently enjoy what I’m doing and stay focused on exactly that, the short term. It’s very easy to get lost in all the opportunities and potential with all that’s going on but I’ve always worked better by looking at what’s in front of me and right now what’s in front of me is trying to get the Cruiserweight Championship off Buddy Murphy so that’s what I’m concentrating on right now.”

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